Volunteering with Athelstan Museum

Volunteers at our opening ceremony but more work and less drink is the usual order of the day.Athelstan Museum has been run entirely by volunteers from April 2006, when the Friends of Athelstan Museum (FOAM) took over the running of the museum from North Wilts District Council.

In May 2007 professional staff were appointed but since May 2009 the museum has again been run entirely by volunteers.

Volunteers play a major role, both front and back of house, read more in About Us.

FOAM volunteers are drawn from all walks of life; from the town itself and from the countryside around. They carry out a wide range of tasks; stewarding on a regular shift basis or casual relief; behind the scenes cataloguing or auditing the collection; in fund raising and in management and other ways as well. They really enjoy themselves not least of all the camaraderie amongst the team.

FOAM is a charity and receives no government funding. Without the voluntary help FOAM received from the community Athelstan Museum would not exist. It is a genuine town museum.

We’d love to have you as a volunteer; volunteers are the life blood of the museum and as we have no salaried staff our voluntary help is vital.

Stewarding. Volunteers do a 2 hour shift, mostly on a weekly basis but some are fortnightly; others more frequently. Some work as a pair, others are happy to be in sole charge. This is the commonest form of involvement.

Many volunteers have helped with museum work; auditing the collection, accessioning new items, photographing and recording, researching, publishing booklets on local history, showing groups around, giving talks etc.

During the move to our new home D I Y skills were utilised; putting up racking, erecting cupboards, painting, decorating etc.

The museum is a business and we try to run it professionally, so there is a need for secretarial skills, book-keeping, sales, marketing and fund raising etc.

And, of course, there is the social side. Talks have to be organised, catering done, tickets sold.

So you can see – something for everybody. No excuses, as Kitchener could have said ‘your museum needs YOU’

To join our volunteers please contact Bridget Robison.

Volunteers Christmas Tea Party

On 12th December 2019 a tea party was held in the Julia and Hans Rausing Building. Bridget Robison and her helpers provided tea, coffee and excellent cakes and mince pies to thank the volunteers for their continued work in the Museum. This was a good opportunity for about thirty people to meet and chat with their fellow volunteers. To see a photograph of the assembled company please use this link: Volunteers Tea.