Museum Collection

Athelstan Museum has a wide ranging collection illustrating many aspects of Malmesbury history; there are so many items that it is impossible to show all of them, or even a major part, so displays are rotated on a regular basis.

Most of the collection is of local interest and importance but there are some articles of national significance. Malmesbury Lace was once much sought after; it was famed as a luxury fashion statement and the museum has a comprehensive collection, not only of the lace but of associated material.

There is a wealth of paintings, engravings, drawings, photographs and other images. Some are very fine; pride of place goes to a drawing of the Market Cross by Tom Girton. Girton was a contemporary of Turner who said ‘had Tom lived then had I starved’. There are many images of the Abbey, which illustrate its chequered history, with dilapidation and restoration. Malmesbury’s 15th Century Market Cross is well represented, naturally, and there are some wonderful pictures of the town and around.

Malmesbury in Saxon times had a mint and examples of the silver pennies struck there are in the collection as are numerous other coins and tokens.

There is much more of interest; some items are beautiful, some are quirky, some are valuable and some are not. Please use the menu to find out more about the collection, and then come to the Athelstan Museum to see for yourself.

Books: There are Reference Books available on the mezzanine floor of the museum.
Computer: We also have a laptop available for reference purposes.