William II 'Cross in Quatrefoil' Penny

William II silver pennyStruck at Malmesbury by the  moneyer Seword. The inscription on this reads SEPORD ON MALM (Seword at Malmesbury)

Notice how the abbreviation for Malmesbury keeps changing. It is thought this coin was struck between 1089 and 1092. As the Malmesbury mint closed in 1095 this coin is among the last struck here.






William II 'Cross in Quatrefoil' Halfpenny

William II HalfpennyThe same coin as the William II ‘Cross in Quatrefoil’ but converted into a halfpenny by literally cutting it in half with a pair of shears. To make a farthing, or fourthing, you repeated the process.

This coin was found in 1990 at the Vintry docks in London.