Special Display of South West Wiltshire Metal Detecting Finds

The museum is fortunate to have a number of fascinating objects on display from throughout South West Wiltshire. They are on loan from the Western Region branch of the National Council for Metal Detecting.


This exhibition tells the remarkable story of the nineteenth century migration of more than three hundred people from Malmesbury to Cleveland, Ohio. It focuses on half a dozen men who played a crucial part in the early development of the oil industry and who were closely involved with John D Rockefeller. One of them, John Alexander, eventually returned to live in Malmesbury and the course of his life is examined in detail.

Guided Walks Around Malmesbury - 2017

Saturday 20th May - Walter Powell MP. (Two walks): 1:30pm Trains, schools, gasworks and balloons. (Includes activities for children 4+) & 3:30pm Walter Powell MP, Malmesbury’s kind Victorian?

Saturday 10th June – 2:00pm: The Malmesbury ‘Pub Crawl’ – a history of breweries and public houses.

Wednesday 14th June – 2:00pm: Malmesbury – Queen of Hilltop Towns. (A walk through over 2,000 years).

Saturday 8th July – 2:00pm: Malmesbury’s Saxon Footprint

Wednesday 12th July – 2:00pm: Malmesbury – Queen of Hilltop Towns

Saturday 19th August – 2:00pm - Carnival Walk: The Malmesbury ‘Steeple Chase’ - a history of churches and chapels.

Wednesday 13th September – 2:00pm: Malmesbury – Queen of Hilltop Towns

Saturday 23rd September – 2:00pm: Malmesbury – Queen of Hilltop Towns

Sunday 15th October – 10:00am: - Wessex Week Walk: In the Footsteps of St Aldhelm

Saturday 28th October – 4:00pm Halloween Walk – with a few surprises….

Tickets: £5:00 adults, £3:00 children

Tickets are available from Athelstan Museum, located in the Town Hall and on the following link: Guided Walks Around Malmesbury 2017

All walks start at Malmesbury Town Hall, Cross Hayes, Malmesbury SN16 9BZ. The numbers on each walk are strictly limited. Please buy your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment. Each walk is scheduled to last for around 90 minutes and will cover around 1 mile.