Malmesbury's Timeline

Putting Malmesbury's history into context, events shown in blue are of national significance, those in red relate specifically to Malmesbury and the rest have international relevance.

c3500BC Invention of the wheel  
c2600 Stonehenge stone circle started Stonehenge image
c2590 Great pyramid built in Egypt
c1180 Fall of Troy
c800 Iron Age fort at Malmesbury
753 Foundation of Rome
c563 Birth of Buddha
c5AD Birth of Christ
43 England invaded by Romans  
476 Fall of Rome  
596 St Augustine brings Christianity to England  
c570 Birth of Muhammad  
c650 Maildulph establishes his hermitage  
675 Foundation of the Abbey  
709 Death of Aldhelm 639 - 709, Abbot of Malmesbury, Bishop of Sherborne St Aldhelm
c880 Alfred builds burhs, including Malmesbury
937 Athelstan first king of all England
1066 Norman conquest
1095 William of Malmesbury born
1139 Malmesbury taken in war between Stephen and Matilda
1187 Muslims capture Jerusalem
1206 Genghis Khan and his hordes move out of Mongolia  
1215 Magna Carta signed at Runnymede Magna Carta
1258 Salisbury Cathedral finished
1284 Running water in Malmesbury Abbey lavatorium
1295 Model parliament; Malmesbury has 2 members
1348 Black death reaches England
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1492 Columbus discovers America
1539 Dissolution of Malmesbury Abbey
1588 Thomas Hobbes born Thomas Hobbes
1588 Spanish Armada
1603 Death of Elizabeth I
1605 Gunpowder plot
1643 Malmesbury changes hands 6 times in Civil War
1651 Thomas Hobbes publishes Leviathan
1666 Great Fire of London
1679 Thomas Hobbes died
1687 Foundation of physics today;
Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica
Isaac Newton
1746 Battle of Culloden.  Last battle on British soil
1681 Dodo becomes extinct
1690 William III gives charter to Malmesbury
1706 Cooke discovers Australia
1776 American revolution
1800 James Harris made first Earl of Malmesbury  
1801 Act of Union. United Kingdom formed  
1805 Battle of Trafalgar His Majesty's Ship Belleisle after the Battle of Trafalgar
1807 Slave trade abolished
1815 Battle of Waterloo
1837 Queen Victoria ascends throne
1851 Great Exhibition
1877 Malmesbury Railway line opened
1884 Malmesbury loses their M.P.  
1905 Einstein’s theory of relativity E = mc² Albert Einstein
1914 Start of World War I
1919 Women get the vote
1939 Start of World War II
1953 Queen Elizabeth II crowned
1962 Last train to Malmesbury (freight only)
1969 Moon landing Moon landing
1972 Malmesbury loses independent Borough Status
1993 Dyson comes to Malmesbury
2001 Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh visit Malmesbury