Fuel for Volunteers!We'd love to have you as a volunteer; volunteers are the life blood of the museum as we have no salaried staff so voluntary help is vital.

Volunteers do a 2 hour shift, mostly on a weekly basis but some are fortnightly; others more frequently. Some work as a pair, others are happy to be in sole charge. This is the commonest form of involvement.

Many volunteers have helped with museum work; auditing the collection, accessioning new items, photographing and recording, researching, publishing booklets on local history, showing groups around, giving talks etc.

During the move to our new home D I Y skills were utilised; putting up racking, erecting cupboards, painting, decorating etc.

The museum is a business, and we try to run it professionally, so there is a need for secretarial skills, book-keeping, sales, marketing and fund raising etc.

And, of course, there is the social side. Talks have to be organised, catering done, tickets sold.

So you can see - something for everybody. No excuses, as Kitchener could have said 'your museum needs YOU'.

To join our volunteers please contact Bridget Robison.