Hannah Twynnoy

Hannah TwynnoyIn Malmesbury Abbey churchyard stands a tombstone. The inscription reads;

In memory of
Hannah Twynnoy
Who died October 23rd 1703
Aged 33 years

In bloom of life
She’s snatched from hence
She had not room to make defence;
For Tyger fierce
Took life away
And here she lies
In a bed of clay
Until the Resurrection Day

Recently it has been discovered that a memorial to her had been in Hullavington church. This read:
To the memory of Hannah Twynnoy. She was a servant of the White Lion Inn where there was an exhibition of wild beasts, and amongst the rest a very fierce tiger which she imprudently took pleasure in teasing, not withstanding the repeated remonstrance of its keeper. One day whilst amusing herself with this dangerous diversion the enraged animal by an extraordinary effort drew out the staple, sprang towards the unhappy girl, caught hold of her gown and tore her to pieces.

Apart from the “let this be a lesson to all naughty children” aspect it adds little to the story. However it does raise the question, who paid for this memorial and her tomb in Malmesbury churchyard? And why?